About Us

   Amazigh Emotions Tour (AET) is a local independent body for the Moroccan tourism. You will find us in southern Morocco, near Errachidia. This is an ideal base for adventures in the desert, the Atlas Mountains to watch and also in Marrakech, Fez and other cities to visit.
For us it is important that you be able to experience a glimpse of the authentic as well as in the traditional Morocco. We are local leaders of local families. In our childhood we played in the old walls that are now landmarks and which we would like to show. We grew up here and know the story behind it. Be sure that you can experience a genuine insight into the Moroccan way of life, traditions and their hospitality. We are proud of our heritage and roots in Morocco, we enjoy the passing of our knowledge to travelers like you. For more than fifteen years, we have a diverse and professional service in which you are a traveler at the center:
- Individual private trips to Morocco by a 4x4 vehicle or minibus.
- On a camel through the desert with a night under the stars.
- Explore the cities and regions in all its facets.
- Targeted and designed according to your wishes Cart.
- Discover the different Moroccan mysteries.
- Experience the history of the Kingdom and hospitality.
- In the north along the Atlantic coast with the cities (medinas) imperial.
- South with its valleys, oases, nomads, the Sahara desert and the Atlas Mountains.
- With our 4x4 vehicle we assist bicycles, motorcycles, 4x4 motorists as well as motorhomes.
No trip is like the other, because it is as unique as you.
Whether traveling alone, as a couple, or traveling as a large group and for individual days or for a longer period, we can they prepare to join our Moroccan joy. It is our concern that you are having a holiday. Let me happy in my country, so you can experience amazing stays ... Welcome = Marhaba !


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Viptours & Staff

Organization of travels, tours and excursions in 4x4 & minibus

morocco trips

Sahara Camps

Organisation of simple and luxury desert camp issued with camel rides

morocco trips

Desert Nights

Support and organization of desert trecks 4x4