Our Bivouacs

  Morocco, one of the most beautiful places in the world to watch the sunrise and sunset. We welcome you in the middle of the desert between the largest golden dunes of Erg Chebbi in Merzouga with an altitude of approximately 250m.

We offer simple authentic bivouacs and luxury bivouac of the desert that are mounted to the local nomadic tradition. Typical Berber tents in the Sahara 'Khaimah' are assembled from a mixture of brown wool strips (camel and goat). Modern and traditional Moroccan tents caidal fabric with adjustable metal structure to an unforgettable night in the nature around a magic fire, lively music of drums and shooting stars ... etc!



  We offer the best cuisine of our southern Morocco to try our various traditional local dishes guarantee the quality and freshness of our ingredients to prepare all our food locally and can be served at the table or buffet style for groups or in high season.

For Groups, and more of our local dishes and daily principles, we offer special meals for the dinner as custom barbecue (whole roast lamb in the oven) delivered with the animation of the local folklore. With only one night in our bivouacs in a stay of several days, a family or romantic couples, the largest groups of friends in a simple hike in the various activities you will find the charm and quiet of experience true nomadic dream in total relaxation and relaxing ... Welcome = Marhaban!

With a single night in our bivouacs to a stay of several days, a family or romantic couples, groups of friends the largest in a simple hiking to the various activities, you will find the charm and quiet to live a real nomadic dream outdoor and total relaxation ... Welcome = Marhaban!